Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Writing Reflection - Six

Comment #1

The first comment I posted was on Bella's blog. I really enjoyed how she brought such a big part of her life into this moment. We all have that first best friend that we went through so much with. This was definitely something that I could connect with and I'm sure many others could as well. I loved how she ended it by adding that although they may be distant now, they will always have those childhood memories to look back on.

Comment #2

Lindsay's blog was the second one I commented on. I love theme parks so it makes sense that this post intrigued me! I love how she added the visual aspect to this post because it allowed me to really imagine what those rides would have been like. I've never been to the theme parks she mentioned in this post (unless Disney Land counts) so reading about the rides was really interesting!

Comment #3

For my third comment, I decided to take a look at Jordyn's blog. Her post about sharing stuff on the internet was very interesting to read because so many people abuse their access to the internet. I really liked how she proved that it can be a place to share more than the typical teenage hormonal posts but a place that you can express what's on your mind in a classy ("stay classy") manner.

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