Sunday, April 8, 2012

Writing Reflection - Four

When it comes to writing, I tend to want to block out the world around me. Sometimes that means removing myself from a group, or simply putting in my headphones and turning the volume up until all I hear is the music.
When we were given the opportunity to find a quiet place in the school to start writing our moment stories, I was all for it. It was the perfect chance to get the silence I had been longing for.
The topic that I chose for my moment was quiet personal. Having the chance to completely shut out the world around me made it a lot easier for me to put it on paper.
Writing from personal experience is definitely my first choice, but it can be really difficult at times. Therefore, being given that time of "solitary confinement" was exactly what I needed to process my thoughts before I could write about them.

As for writing on my blog, I still feel so determined to perfect everything before I post. I definitely need to learn to move past this because writing's not about perfection.
Maybe the thing that having a blog will teach me is how to stop being such a perfectionist.. Only time will tell.

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