Monday, April 9, 2012

Reading Reflection - Three

Rather than writing the typical reading reflection, we were given the option to get creative and make an iPhone for the protagonists of our books. By "make and iPhone" I mean creating apps that we think our protagonists would use and could come in handy.

Kathryn's iPhone Apps:
1) The Press - After Jack's death had been announced the press won't leave Kathryn and her daughter alone. I find it very suspicious that the press is focusing so much of their attention on the two girls.
2) Plane Tracker - With Jack being a pilot, having this "app" would have allowed her to know that he was safe and give her a sense of comfort.
3) The News - Kathryn had to watch her now deceased husband's name appear on the news (along with his picture) and having this app would allow her to know what's being said about the accident (the good and the bad).
4) Weather - Knowing the conditions that her husband would have been flying in could have been another form of comfort for her.
5) Paintings - The first time that Kathryn and Jack met was in her grandmother's old store. A painting Jack found in the store was used as an "ice breaker" to start a conversation with her. This app could have provided her with connections to the past.
6) Lie Detector - As I've read on in the book (and have learned more about Jack and Kathryn as a couple before the accident), it seems as though there may have been some things that Jack lied to Kathryn about.
7) Mind Reader - When I read about how the plane crash may have been an attempt at suicide I knew that Kathryn would have nothing but questions running through her mind. Jack seemed happy and content in Kathryn's eyes. If only she knew what he was really thinking...

After reading that there was a possibility that the plane crash was an attempt at suicide (a successful one too) I'm very intrigued to read on. From the beginning of the book I was already questioning Jack's character and now I'm seeing my predictions become reality in this book.
My biggest question that I have right now is what was wrong in Jack's life? Kathryn seemed stunned when she heard the word suicide. Jack never seemed depressed or upset around her so she never had a reason to question what was going on his mind. You'd think that if her husband were to be going through such a depressing time in his life she'd catch on. If it really was suicide then there obviously would have been something quite huge that led him towards making such a life changing decision.
The first thing that came to my mind was that he was possibly cheating on Kathryn (due to all of the traveling that he did) and couldn't stand to live with the guilt.
If Jack was cheating on Kathryn, I wonder how their daughter will take it. Her dad was one of her role models and if he had been unfaithful to her mom how would she be able to cope with everything (especially when it's all happening so fast)? Being a teenager, I can see her rebelling from all of the stress because she can't handle it.
If that is the situation, I'm more than curious to see how it plays out.

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