Monday, April 9, 2012

Writing Reflection - Five

Writing my moment really forced me to push myself as a writer. The topic of my moment is very close to my heart and I knew that I needed to do it justice. Because of that, I knew that the one thing I needed to not do while writing it was over think.
Too often I get stuck while writing because I'm over thinking my word choice or thinking too far ahead. While writing my moment I made sure that I allowed myself to write exactly what came to my mind and not second guess myself. I'm hoping that doing so made my moment more powerful and helped it contain the emotions that my family and myself experienced that day.
I'm really glad that we were given the opportunity to do a writing exercise like this one because it did make me push myself as a writer. I look forward to writing more and finding out what other writing exercises we will be doing. I've already seen major progress in my writing since I've been in this class and that's exactly what I was hoping to achieve. With that said, let's hope that things only get better from here.

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