Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bucket List

The following list contains things that I want to do/accomplish before I die.
Here it is..

1) Go to London
2) Hold a koala
3) Go on a gondola ride in Venice
4) Fall in love in Europe/United Kingdom
5) Perform in front of a really large audience
6) Get over my fear of snakes
7) Visit the province my Nonno was raised in: Frosinone, Italy
8) Dance in an open room with only me and my music
9) Jump off of a cliff into the ocean
10) Learn how to play the guitar (more than the few chords that I already know)
11) See The Maine in concert
12) Meet The Maine
13) Go to Ireland
14) Work for MuchMusic
15) Work in the film industry
16) Write a book
17) Send my parents on a trip to Italy.. something that they always have spoken about
18) Make someone the "happiest person in the world"
19) Volunteer at a pet store/shelter
20) Buy a stranger hot chocolate in the middle of winter
21) Play in Michael Buble's band
22) See the Hollywood sign in person
23) Grow old with the man I fall in love with
24) Spend a new years eve in New York
25) Be in a flash mob
26) Go to Australia
27) Donate hair for cancer patients
28) Go to India
29) Direct a movie
30) Go to Scotland
31) Go to a movie premiere
32) Visit the home my Omi grew up in in Holland
33) Get a tattoo
34) Give a speech and receive a standing ovation
35) Have a fancy party on a yacht
36) Go to a wedding
37) Send a friend on a trip that they've always wanted to take for their birthday
38) Learn how to speak fluent Italian
39) Audition for So You Think You Can Dance just for the fun of it
40) Buy a chocolate fountain
41) Be in a movie
42) Adopt a puppy
43) Visit a castle
44) Ride in a New York Taxi
45) Walk down the red carpet
46) Go to Las Vegas
47) See The Midway State in concert
48) Be a backup dancer for a performance at the MTS centre
49) Travel somewhere by train instead of a plane
50) Make a music video
51) Learn sign language

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