Friday, June 15, 2012

Reading Reflection - Eight

Book: The Hunger Games
Author: Suzanne Collins
Pages Read: 61- 83

This section that I read starts off with Katniss being pampered before the opening ceremony. I want to use this reading reflection to connect that certain situation with the real world.
The way that they describe Katniss being made up makes it seem as though she's an ugly person. The people that are working on her talk about how her legs are "so hairy" and that she seems greasy.
One of the things that a man name Flavius says is, "Excellent! You almost look like a human being now!" Katniss replied to this by saying, "We don't have much cause to look nice in District 12." She seemed okay with his comment, but if it was me I would have been a little offended. Yes, they would have made me "look nice" but their comments would have been unnecessary. Katniss comes from a poor District where they just barely get by. Just like I said in a previous reflection about her not having time to really worry about love, I don't think that when you're starving or close to it that looking beautiful is the first thing on your mind.
It reminded me how society today has such high expectations on looks. It seems as though if you don't look a specific way than you aren't good enough. Whose right is it to decide what's good enough?
I wish that people could dress how ever they want, do their hair how ever they want and live their life how ever they want without being ridiculed.
It's rather pathetic that people care so much about what others look like. If you're happy with yourself then what someone else looks like shouldn't matter to you.

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