Monday, March 19, 2012

Personal Addition 4 - My "Feel Good" Playlist

I'm sure that you can agree with me when I say that everyone could probably make a list of songs that make them feel good. Due to the fact that music is such a big part of my life, I decided to make a list of my "feel good" songs. It doesn't matter what kind of day I had or what kind of mood I'm in, these songs just seem to have the power to control my emotions (yes, it's cheesy, but very true).

So here it is.. a playlist that's made up of pretty much only two bands.. a playlist that I love..

My "Feel Good" Playlist
Like We Did (Windows Down) - The Maine
St. Paul And The Wolf - The Midway State
Atlantic - The Midway State
While Listening To Rock & Roll... - The Maine
Don't Give Up On (Us) - The Maine
Alive - The Midway State
Don't Stop Now - The Maine
Heart Of Glass - The Midway State
Heroes Of The Sidewalk - Two Hours Traffic
Change Of Seasons - Sweet Thing
and of course.. What Makes You Beautiful - One Direction (you know you like it too)

This list is constantly changing over time and with every new song that joins the list and every song that says goodbye, the feelings stay the same. 
Music is such an amazing part of life and it's amazing what it can do to you. If you haven't made yourself a playlist of feel good songs I highly recommend that you do. You never know when you may need it.


  1. Do you have playlists for multiple moods that you're in, or is there only a 'feel good' playlist?

    1. I just have my "feel good" playlist. Having this one seems to be enough for me. If I'm feeling a little down, rather than having a "sad" playlist, I listen to this one and it makes me feel better. Do you have any playlists similar to this one?

    2. Yes, in fact I do! It's not similiar in songs, but I do have a feel good playlist. Does yours change often?

    3. What are some songs on your playlist? You should make a blog post about it too! As for my songs, they do change once in a while. It all depends on what I've been listening to lately.

  2. I think I will make a blog post about my favorite feel good songs! If those songs are "feel good" then what do you consider your other songs to be?

    1. I look forward to seeing the songs on your list!
      It's not that these are the only "feel good" songs I have on my iPod. These are just the songs that seem to really work for me at this particular moment in my life. That's why the list can change so frequently!

  3. I plan on doing mine soon so look out for it! :)

  4. This was a pretty creative personal addition. It seems like a great idea and I am going to have to do one myself. I noticed that One Direction's biggest hit is on your playlist, What Makes You Beautiful. I don't care what anybody says, it is also one of my favourite songs. You probably already know that by now because of how many times Patrick and I sang along with it, but just telling you again. Anyways, I have not really heard any of the other songs, but since you are a fan of one of my favourite songs I am sure the other ones on your playlists are great. I will have to listen to those. Check mine when it comes out!