Monday, February 27, 2012

Writing Reflection - Two

I think it's safe to say that I feel more comfortable writing than reading. I definitely enjoy a good book, but there will always be something about expressing yourself through words that is much more appealing to me.
I'm still trying to get used to writing on a blog rather than a piece of paper. While writing my first post, the process felt very foreign to me. After all, the internet is a pretty big place.. a little intimidating too.

This past week, I was introduced to six word memoirs. I found the process of writing six word memoirs made me challenge myself in a way that I haven't before. Writing something meaningful using only six words seemed impossible at first, yet after time it seemed to come naturally. I actually surprised myself at how many I eventually came up with.
Here are some that I created:
Only you control who you become.
Movies set high expectations for love.
We want what we can't have.
Forget the excuses, we're only human.
If only my dreams were reality.
Eyes are open, still don't see..

I personally really enjoyed writing the six word memoirs. It showed me that it's not about how many words create the story, it's the meaning behind the words that do.

When trying new things, there will always have to be some adjusting time. With that said, hopefully writing on this blog will become habit, rather than an assignment.

(Picture I made in my "WRN")


  1. You mention in this post that "hopefully writing on this blog will become habit, rather than an assignment", has that become the case yet? Or does blogginh still feel like an assignment? Why do you think that is?

    1. I still feel that I need to become more comfortable with blogging and allowing myself to simply write and post. I think I've been shying away from posting because I feel the need to perfect everything that I write.