Sunday, February 26, 2012

Reading Reflection - One/Two

The book that I've been attempting to read for the past while is called, Cockroach by Rawi Hage.
It may be the fact that it's not the typical type of book I read, or the fact that the past three pages I read had been talking about life as a cockroach, that I have already lost interest in this book.
It's not that the book is bad.. It just all comes down to personal preferences.

With that said, I have found myself a new book to immerse myself in. I found it sitting on my teacher's shelf and after reading the first page, I knew that it would be a satisfying read.
The book is called, The Pilot's Wife by Anita Shreve. It's about a woman whose husband has gone down with his plane. The reasoning for the crash is still unknown and while the protagonist, Kathryn, and her daughter, Mattie, are trying to cope with the loss of their beloved Jack, the press obnoxiously won't leave them alone.
I have a sense that this book is going to be much more than following the two girls while they adapt to their life without Jack. I say this because not only did I find it a little suspicious that the press were paying so much attention to Kathryn and Mattie, but the fact that Kathryn and Jack were fifteen years apart in age. It gave me a feeling that someone in the relationship had to have been hiding something. I'm not saying that age is what defines love and a marriage, it's simply a prediction that came to my mind while reading. Think about it.. fifteen years apart, man who travels for his work, occasional visits..
I have made my prediction, have you made yours?

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  1. It's been a while since you posted a Reading Reflection, how is the book going? Who are you favorite and least favorite characters?